Feral or wild cats are to be found throughout Ireland. There are estimated to be hundreds of thousands of these cats struggling to survive, often under the most intolerable conditions.

Most of these wild cats are descended from domestic cats that have been abandoned when their owners moved house or died. They become wild in order to survive. As ‘Feral Cats Ireland’ states ‘we have created this crisis’ and ‘the most effective way to address the issue of uncontrolled breeding’ is to Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR).  When it is not possible to return wild cats to the area from which they were captured  they can be released in another safe environment.

Feral Cats Ireland’ further states ‘Feral cats have the right to live long, healthy safe and peaceful lives in their territories without the burden of breeding or threat of death. TNR offers them this opportunity’

An Cat Dubh subscribes to this belief. Below are some of the 23 feral cats caught, neutered and released by this sanctuary.

Mother feral, Loughrea   Feral kittens, Loughrea
Matt (feral from Loughrea)   Feral in our new trapping cage
    Another female feral

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